Carpediem Fashion

Perfect marriage the union between the craftsmanship expressed by Breis products with the latest fashion trends dictated by, the same mark into effect. 

CarpediemFashion is the fashion blog founded and run by Martina and Annalisa participating in persona in the events related to the world of fashion (Fashion Week, Altaroma, Vogue, Who is on next, etc). By their constant attendance of these events, where luxury, fashion, trends, quality of Made in Italy culture and much more are mixed into one, have seized an important opportunity: to transfer the art and tradition presenta in the hand-made production of genuine leather accessories for women, on models that are designed by Martina after being conceived, designed and tested in team with the other two founders. These models are innovative but above all in step with the trends dictated by big names and made unique by a touch of originality that distinguishes the designer.


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